How to Choose Lighting Fixtures: The Three Core Elements

  • 1. Material of the Crystal Chandelier

High-quality chandeliers typically use stainless steel for their base. Some manufacturers use iron parts for casting the base, which, although similar in appearance after electroplating, differ significantly in durability and lifespan. Stainless steel is superior due to its excellent corrosion resistance, smooth surface, ease of cleaning, and high strength and hardness, ensuring the fixture remains in top condition for a long time. Iron does not offer these advantages and is much cheaper. When shopping online, don't be deceived by promotional pictures; make your own judgment. At Oloyoyo, we use 0.5-inch thick stainless steel plates as the basic material and hand-weld the base. For heavier crystals, we use thicker stainless steel, ensuring the fixture's texture, safety, and longevity.

  • 2. Crystal Quality

The quality of the crystal significantly impacts the fixture's effectiveness. Crystals are cut and polished to showcase their unique cultural and optical characteristics. With a high refractive and reflective index, crystals provide bright and warm lighting while enhancing the space's beauty and atmosphere. High-quality crystals can be identified by their clarity and crispness. In the era of online shopping, merchants often use AI-generated images, making it difficult to assess crystal quality. To address this, Oloyoyo offers real photos of crystal parts and can send actual crystal samples for confirmation. This reduces the risk of discrepancies between the product and its images, improving the online shopping experience.

  • 3. LED Power Driver

This crucial component, installed in the fixture's base, functions as the heart of the chandelier. It ensures dimmable lighting and high safety. The LED driver converts power supply to specific voltage and current to light the LEDs. Its input can include high-voltage AC, low-voltage DC, high-voltage DC, and low-voltage high-frequency AC. The output is usually a constant current source that adjusts with the LED's forward voltage drop. A good LED power driver enhances the lighting experience, extends the fixture's lifespan, and reduces energy consumption, serving as an essential safety feature. When purchasing a large chandelier, ensure it has this device to guarantee quality and safety. Oloyoyo uses UL or CE certified brand drivers, providing a five-year warranty as a testament to our confidence in our quality.

These three core elements—material, crystal, and power driver—determine the quality of lighting fixtures. They help avoid inferior products when shopping online, stripping away the disguise to reveal the true quality. Oloyoyo is committed to using superior materials and electrical components, with each chandelier hand-welded, polished, and tested before reaching customers. Our focus on quality, safety, and service ensures a reliable purchase. Enjoy peace of mind with our five-year extended warranty, as we build lasting relationships through quality.

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